What do I need to know about having an outdoor rental?

Outdoor: grass, concrete,  and pavers.

Indoor:  most carpets

The surface does need to be relatively flat and level.  We do not require or offer a subfloor.  For outdoor rentals on grass, we provide a tarp to keep moisture away from the dance floor.

Can I have a dance floor installed on dirt or gravel?

What surface can I have the dance floor installed upon?

No, sorry.  To keep our wood dance floors looking great, we do not set-up on dirt or gravel.  

How much dance floor will I need?

Typically, you should calculate about 4.5 square feet per person by the maximum number of guests that will be dancing at a given time.  For example: 64 guests are invited but only 32 (50%) will be dancing at a given time. 32 x 4.5 is 144 square feet.  You would need a 12x12 dance floor.

Is there a fee to reserve a dance floor?

There is no fee to reserve a dance floor. Payment is due at time of set-up.

Having a party outside in Arizona is great! Keep in mind that the surface should be flat and level as well as dry when choosing an area for your dance floor.  

In the event of rain or threat of rain, all outdoor rentals will be canceled.

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